Dirty Audio “Stacks”
Dirty Audio “Stacks”

The cool weather has moved in so you can’t drop the top, but the latest dancefloor thriller from Bassrush Records is sure to keep the windows and walls rattling all winter long. Featuring none other than the youngblood Dirty Audio on tap, “Stacks” is a hypnotic head-twister that sticks and moves in all the right ways.

From the cinematic, piano-driven intro all the way through to the dirty vocal hook that brings on the chest-thump, Dirty Audio is in top form as he sets his sights on getting the dancefloor bumping.

To celebrate his appearance on the ever-impressive Bassrush Records lineup, we thought we’d touch down for a quick chat about everything from his on-point sock game to the madness that’s about to ensue when he steps on the decks at EDC Orlando this weekend. Check the Q&A below, followed by an exclusive first-listen of Dirty Audio’s “Stacks” out now on Bassrush Records.

It’s been a massive year for you! Remixes for DJ Snake, Yellow Claw, Afrojack and your own originals on Monstercat! Have you had a chance to let it all soak in and reflect on your journey yet?
It’s been a crazy journey and it feels really rewarding seeing all my hard work pay off. When I look back at everything it makes me so grateful to have such amazing support, and makes me so excited to see what the future holds!

Take us back to when you were just starting out—did you have any idea that it would lead up to this?
When I first started out, I never really thought about building a career as an artist. I was making music purely out of passion, and didn’t really know what it would lead to. Eventually I had to make a choice of whether I wanted to go to college or pursue music, so I focused all my energy on becoming the best possible musician I could be. If you put enough passion and dedication into something, you never know where it can take you!

We’ve heard that you’re deep into hip-hop and that you actually cite some of your major life lessons as being learned from rap songs. Who were some of your favorite artists growing up?
Off the top of my head: DMX, 50 Cent, Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and so many more I’m probably forgetting.

Every time we see you, you got some sick socks on—did you learn that from hip-hop, too?
My style is definitely inspired by hip-hop. Gotta look fly head to toe!

Related to the above we also hear you’re deep in the coffee game. How many cups are we talking? Hit us with the details of your favorite brew.
At this point, I probably drink like two to four cups a day depending on how energized I am. I like my espressos from my espresso machine the best, but sometimes when I feel like switching things up I get a cold brew from Starbucks.

Alright, let’s get down to business. This tune “Stacks” you’re busting for the Bassrush fam is off the chain! Talk a bit about how this one came together and how you linked up with Bassrush Records.
Thank you! I made that song right after I got back home from touring Australia and Asia earlier this year. The sounds and styles in both places really inspired my creative process. Also the Bassrush crew are amazing people, and I’m stoked to finally be releasing with them!

We’re going to give people a chance to soak the audio in below but before they dive in, how would you describe this beast of a tune?
Dirty, heavy, and energetic!

We’re definitely hoping you drop this one live for us at EDC Orlando this weekend! Any final shout outs to the squad rolling through to check you out?
Can’t wait! See you at EDC Orlando, much love!