The Mainframe Recordings boss steps back into the light with a stunning single in the form of “Mirror”. With his Mainframe Recordings club nights in Vienna, Austria a testing ground for some of his biggest tunes to date, the post-pandemic era of the brand continues to drop jaws with each and every iteration and this latest single is no exception.

Deep, otherworldly atmospheres swirl around an insistent stab right from the get-go and as the smoke begins to clear, the energy of the tune continues to elevate until a dark and dirty hook comes stomping through the fog and lays it all on the line. From there the razor-tipped hook of the tune proper kicks and punches in all the right places as the depth-charge bottom end keeps things grounded amidst an ever-evolving call and response between the layers.

Perfect for hypnotizing the late-night crew with just the right twist of pain and fury mixed in, “Mirror” is one of those tunes that offers a glimpse into the late-night vibes that Disaszt and the label have to offer in the coming year.

This one drops Friday, September 30 so pre-save your own stream/download of this heater here.