Standing not only as one of the innovators of the original underground dubstep sound but as a pivotal player in molding and influencing the new direction of the genre, Distance is an artist who has always occupied an unmistakable lane of his own within the scene. Wielding a style that blends space, swagger, depth, darkness, edginess and forward-facing momentum, this dubstep forefather’s militant output continues to explore uncharted sonic territories that far surpass the confines of ordinary dancefloor listening.

Since the inception of Distance’s Chestplate imprint back in 2007, the dubstep world has been gifted with trailblazing, bass heavy offerings, the most recent coming from the label head himself with his forthcoming, four-track Awaken EP. The EP’s standout track, “Settling Scores,” blends together ominous instrumentals, laid back percussion, palpable tension, low end power, and an adrenaline-fueled personality. It’s got high impact, yet an effortless energy that’s all-around infectious.

Be sure to grab a pre-order of Distance’s Awaken EP in its entirely before it comes out on February 15 over on Bandcamp.