Photo by Dans

The São Paulo-based DJ Chap continues to absolutely crush it on the production front as he delivers the dark and groovy ‘Terrorist’ EP on Chronic Records. With a series of high-profile releases on V and Liquid V, DJ Chap flexes his dark side for the rough and tumble sister imprint of the V family.

When we say dark we don’t mean full-on neuro tear-out bits—these are straight up, head-nodding, dark and gritty rollers and liquid bits. The dubwise roller known as “Emperor” dumps an addictive beat on top of a dirty b-line hook and tension-building atmosphere that all the breakers, poppers, and lockers are sure to love. “Terrorist” keeps the shuffling vibes alive before “Homeless Roots Sounds” brings on the goosebumps with epic pads swooping in and dropping ill bass bombs for the street massive.

Janz lends some exquisite vocals on the pure liquid roller known as “Over” before delivering once again on the dark vibes of “Stressed.” If there’s only one tune you check on this EP, this is it! Bringing on the full Chronic treatment, “Stressed” is one of those instantly addictive tunes you want to put on repeat as the bubbling b-line and crisp and stepping beat keeps things grounded before the dark edges come alive and squeeze the dancefloor proper.

Out now so lock it in!