The drum and bass legend known as DJ Fresh returns to center stage with an adrenaline-fuelled anthem for the dancefloor. Featuring the production prowess of Doctrine in the mix, “Control” is a welcome return to the high-energy sizzlers that kicked off the career of the OG Breakbeat Kaos boss.

With a grip of chart-topping top 40 hits as part of his claim to fame, it should come as no surprise that this new bit dropping on Ministry of Sound is already on the fast track to be crushing dancefloors and radio waves alike.

Centered on a goosebump-inducing female vocal designed to ring the alarm and get those hands and lighters up, once the turbochargers kick in and the main groove drops, all bets are off. With a crisp punch-and-kick holding it down at the core, it’s the wobbling bassline that’s sure to have the heads bouncing off the walls. Sprinkled with just enough melodic elements to bring on the heartbreak but still filthy enough to have the ruffnecks skanking in the shadows, expect this little sizzler to be heating up the dancefloor all winter long.

DJ Fresh featuring Doctrine “Control” is out now via Ministry of Sound so lock yours in here.