Every now and then an album project comes along that is destined to transcend the immediate consumption of the dancefloor and instead settle in for the long haul as a timeless classic. DJ Marky’s long-awaited The Time Is Right album is one of those projects and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Almost 20 years since the release of his debut In Rotation LP, DJ Marky once again drops a stunner with a massive crew of vocalists, lyricists, and production collaborators in tow. Channeling the infectious energy and untouchable style that he has cultivated as both a selector and producer over the multi-decade career, The Time Is Right is at once an homage to his love of funk, jazz, soul, and Brazilian bass, as much as its a testament to his staying power within the drum and bass scene.

Stacked with talent ranging from Pola & Bryson, MC GQ, Makato, Charli Brix, SOLAH, and many more, the album is a capstone selection of vibes, grooves, and moves that Marky continues to champion both on and off the dancefloor.

From festival anthem material like “Sliding Gliding” alongside Dossa and Locuzzed to the smoke-filled lounge that “Poetry” with SOLAH is sure to find a home in, each cut on the album is dripping with Marky’s own unique blend of neo-soul, hip-hop, jazz, and Brazilian beats.

For the uninitiated who may be expecting an album centered solely on liquid drum and bass vibes, leave those expectations at the door as heads like Tyke and Daddy Earl drip some proper filth on the proceedings and tunes like “Back & Forth” keep the streetwise flow of MCs Melinda, D’Cypher, Harry Shotta and GQ, front and center.

For those looking for a touch of the tech-tinged darkness that Marky loves to flex, head to “Wrong Hands” where he and fellow Brazilian L-Side twist it up proper.

Expect this one to stay in heavy rotation for many years to come as it’s an absolute stone classic that captures the vibe and energy of everything that DJ Marky has come to represent in the drum and bass scene.

DJ Marky’s full The Time Is Right LP is out now via Shogun Audio so be sure to lock your download/stream in here.