After the completion of her successful Back to the Future remix series where she released several remixes of her most classic tracks in EP form, DJ Rap has come through with another several-mix single EP. This one is a new track, however, and the mixes are all hers. “Draw 5th Gear” Is a punchy party anthem featuring MC Top Cat and with all these different mixes, there are endless ways for DJs to mix them.

The original “Draw 5th Gear” mix is that classic DJ Rap combination of heavy bass synths, a jungle drum line full of amens and dramatic, cinematic sound design. In fact, on the first buildup the reverb and background have so drama it sounds like the listener is actually in the rave. Top Cat’s lyrics add to this feeling. It’s so visceral, one can almost picture a stage with him leaning over the crowd, hyping them up during the break. Maybe that’s us desperately missing rave vibes but it’s clear with the way this track is made that Rap’s doing her best to keep those vibes going during this odd period in history.

Following the main mix of “Draw 5th Gear” on the EP is an instrumental mix which, as its name indicates, is a lyricless version of the original. Even with most festivals and shows cancelled right now, Rap as made sure to release a clean copy with no vox for the DJs. There are two such mixes, in fact, as there’s another mix one called “The DJs.”  it’s a completely different offering for the DJs, however. Where the “Instrumental” mix has no lyrics, “The DJs” mix cuts up and rearranges the vox as well as the beat progressions quite a bit, also adding in some supplementary synths and more jungle dance vibes in an ancillary bassline. It’s meant for DJs to play with and cut up as well as simply hitting different for the dancefloor.

There’s two more mixes of “Draw 5th Gear” on this EP for DJs or listeners to enjoy: the “Large” mix and, of course, the VIP. The “Large” mix is even more blown out and cinematic with its sound design, while the VIP sounds a bit more like “The DJs” mix, with Top Cat’s vox cut up in the intro. The synths also retain their drawn out, sort of neuro-style vibe throughout the track, rather than speeding up to go with the beat as much.

These are all subtle differences in the mixes of “Draw 5th Gear” but they make a world of difference to DJs and partygoers alike who are looking for those subtle differences. It keeps things interesting and fresh. In the meantime, all of these mixes are here to remind fans, DJs, and everyone else that the party is not over by any stretch of the imagination. It might be happening at home right now, but with this track DJ Rap and Top Cat are assuring us that the dancefloor is just starting to speed up.

The “Draw 5th Gear” remix EP is out now on Propa Talent and can be streamed or purchased here.