DJ Rap "Dark Places"
DJ Rap "Dark Places"

Over the past few years, DJ Rap has been a bit of an international woman of mystery. She’s been working on multiple projects, touring on multiple continents, establishing and growing her online production school and also growing her Propa Talent label. She’s been all over the board but apparently has also found time to continue to produce.

Fans have been wondering about and hoping for new tracks from the D&B diva this year. With the premiere of her newest “Dark Places” track out now on her Propa imprint, heads will wonder no more. They will be too busy nodding to this instant classic anyway. “Dark Places” is the first of a series of singles Rap will be releasing over the course of the rest of the year as she also embarks on another UK and EU tour in late summer. Strap in.

“Dark Places” sees a return to form not only for Rap but for classic D&B, with a groovy, snare-filled intro, a break that actually screams “break,” melodic vocals and a dark, devastating bassline. Who needs subgenres when everything beloved about D&B is combined into one pitch-perfect track? This kind of music is exactly what makes people commit so wholly to drum & bass. Versatile as ever, Rap gives a nod to classic elements with the track’s ravey vocal and synths but she also gives it a modern upgrade with a deep and super-clean rumbling bassline and snares that would make even Noisia jealous. It all seems effortless for veterans like Rap. She’s a true musician in every sense of the word.

Rap’s next single is due out in August right ahead of her upcoming EU tour of the late summer festival circuit, with dates at Boomtown, Shambala UK, Tranzmission and the Outlook Festival. She’ll be celebrating the launch of this string of singles in LA as well at the Outlook launch party. Stay tuned for more big beats from the D&B icon known as DJ Rap.

“Dark Places” is out now on Propa Talent. Stream or buy it on multiple platforms here check out tour dates on DJ Rap’s website.