DLR Is 'Seeing Sounds'

Having earned his stripes on a series of heavy releases in collaboration with fellow producer Octane, the Bristol-based DLR has been absolutely crushing it since striking out in solo mode in 2013 with a series of cuts on imprints like Metalheadz, Utopia, Trendkill, and Dispatch.

Capping off this epic run is the highly anticipated Seeing Sounds full-length due out on Dispatch early next month, featuring 16 heavy tracks and a number of massive collaborations with the likes of Break, Hydro, Fokus, Total Science, label boss Ant TC1, and more. Centered on a cinematic framework that seeks to blur the lines between the aural and the visual, the LP’s synesthetic grooves have surfaced on Dispatch’s Soundcloud page and have already caused a massive stir.

Before the full album drops on March 9, fans can expect a pair of two-track album samplers (available in both vinyl and digital formats) on the 23rd of February, each with an exclusive tune. If you’re really amped on what you hear, be sure to pre-order the album sampler direct from the Dispatch site to get your files three days before general release.

This article originally appeared on Insomniac.com.