Prepare to be swept to the farthest reaches of the universe as Deadbeat stalwart DNMO turns up the heat on his drum and bass-fueled Speed of Light EP.

Infused with his signature future-punk melody-driven aesthetic, the dream-like atmospheres and heartache -inducing vocals on the EP merge with the kinesthetic power of the drum and bass DNA stitching it all together.

As DNMO tells us: “I’m super excited to share my first full drum and bass body of work – a genre I’ve loved, have been making for so many years and is my roots in the dance music world. I was inspired by all the modern D&B that’s been emerging the last few years, as well as a lot of the older classics, and my whole idea with this project was to merge those styles with my own spin on it, different sound selections/writing approaches just enough to put a new twist on things.”

Epic contributions from the likes of The Arcturians, Hayve & Akylla, and Medyk keep the EP sizzling from top to bottom as DNMO proves he’s at the top of his game. But don’t just take our word for it, check the heat below and stick around for an exclusive chat with the bad man himself as he prepares to level up in the coming year.

What inspired this latest EP, Speed of Light? When did you start work on this project?
Over the last few years I’ve been really gravitating back to my roots of drum & bass, and after spending the entire pandemic stuck in the US away from the UK I started to really reflect on who I was to my core and what initially sparked my love for listening to and making electronic music. As we started getting live music back towards the end of 2021, I really wanted to incorporate more of energy into the music I make, while keeping the melodic aspects people know me for. Not long after that I was finally able to go back to the UK and reconnect even more with the scene and just felt completely encapsulated with it. Pretty much every song on the EP was started in that month or two.

What can fans expect to hear?
It’s a sort of fusion between my previous projects (melodic, vocal and bass driven) and the energy that comes with drum and bass. I’m a sucker for the contrast between analog/warm synth verses and big production heavy drops.

What has been like working with Deadbeats, and having them support your career?
Deadbeats for me are first and foremost a family. We’ve been working together since they started out over half a decade now which is just insane to think about, I’m eternally grateful to Zeds Dead and the whole Deadbeats/Universal team for all the hard work they’ve done and continue to do.

How do you think Deadbeats stands out amongst other bass music labels?
The shows have a huge part to play, there really isn’t anything quite like a deadbeats party and there’s this real sense of community and as I mentioned above, family, that I feel like you don’t come across every day. I also love that they’re starting to branch out into things outside of just shows with things like hotdog competitions at the Jamboree, art galleries etc.

What has been the highlight of your 2022 so far?
I had such a great run of shows in North America over the summer, some of my favourite sets to date. I felt like there is real change happening this year in terms of drum and bass acceptance, so many more people are open to it now and I just come off stage every time feeling so invigorated.

What else do you have coming up? More releases? Any plans for shows through the end of the year?
I have a handful of shows around North America and Europe over the next few months, and a bunch of collabs with some of my favourite dnb producers that’ll start coming out towards the end of the year into 2023. But I’m work on music every single day, so who knows, maybe there’ll be some other bits popping up in between that.

DNMO’s Speed of Light EP is out now via Deadbeats so lock yours in here.