Doctor P Gives His Fans “Something To Believe In”
Doctor P Gives His Fans “Something To Believe In”

Any true fan of electronic music should instantly recognize bass DJ and producer Doctor P as one of the original godfathers of modern bass-driven music. Immersed in experimenting with new sounds, Doctor P fell for the then emerging sub-genre of the more energetic bass-driven end of the dubstep. Inspired by tracks like Rusko’s “Cockney Thug,” Doctor P was inspired to create his own dubstep tunes, and came up with “Gargoyle,” “Badman Sound,” and “Sweet Shop,” which quickly became a staple of just about every major DJs set.

Doctor P has once again delivered another immaculate dubstep track, “Something To Believe In,” on his Circus Records label, making it his fourth single of the year. From the crisp percussion to the swelling horns this new banger displays the self-assured quality that we’ve come to expect from the ever-impressive producer.

Despite touring extensively throughout the year, including festivals and nightclubs, Doctor P has found time to sit down in the studio and craft this new speak shattering tune that combines angelic vocals and unearthly, bass-heavy leads while still keeping true to his sound.

With the bass veteran still producing peak-time stormers of this standard, it would seem there’s very much still “Something To Believe In” going into 2019, which is bound to be another exciting year for the producer and for bass music as a whole.

Out now so lock yours in here.