Viper Recordings locks in a pair of heavyweight heaters from the Austrian duo known as Dossa & Locuzzed and Bassrush is blessed to have the first glimpse at “Silence.”

Having earned their keep as label stalwarts, Dossa & Locuzzed are clearly positioning themselves to make some big moves in 2022 as their ever-evolving sound continues to impress. While “Tribe” is clearly aimed at the dancefloor, “Silence” takes a much more mystical approach to hitting where it hurts with an epic vision that hints at the power the duo is capable of producing in the studio.

An urgent and insistent synth line ushers us into the universe of “Silence,” and the duo take their time really letting the otherworldly vibe sink in. As the cinematic elements pile up and the melodic atmosphere takes over, the anticipation builds to the breaking point before Dossa & Locuzzed dive into the heart of the tune proper. With just the right touch of dark energy swirling around the edges, this lush cut is clearly designed to take the dancefloor on a proper journey as the mesmerizing push and pull of the cut tugs at the heartstrings while also propelling you into another dimension.

This release drops on November 26 via the ever-essential Viper Recordings so hit the link to lock in your pre-save here and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Dossa & Locuzzed in the coming year.