Downlink Kicks off his Doom System Tour
Downlink Kicks off his Doom System Tour

A true pioneer, Downlink has become synonymous with the word dubstep. Born Sean Casavant, the heavyweight producer and DJ is not only responsible for ushering in harder-edged sonics to the genre, but finding sanctuary in darker themed productions, best evidenced by his contribution to the creation of the iconic Destroid supergroup and his work with the legendary nu-metal band Korn.

Amplifying his influence, Sean finds himself prepared to embark on his first ever solo headlining tour: The Doom System TourWith his reputation for total CDJ mastery and authentic stage presence, Downlink shares in the excitement with Bassrush just before his tour kicks off this week.

Where did you spend the New Year?
I rang in the New Year in Salt Lake City where I was performing at the Decadence party! It was a good time [with] a stacked lineup and I was stoked to be a part of it.

You must be excited for your very first headlining tour coming up in a few days.
I’m extremely excited! We have about 30 dates confirmed at this point and are adding more as we go. The response to the announcement has been very positive. We put together brand new visuals for this, which I can’t wait to debut. I have a bunch of new music in the pipeline as well, as some re-imaginings of some of my classic songs that will be a real treat for the fans that have been there from the beginning. Since this is a true headline tour I really want to make the set special as well. I’m working on a fair amount of “story”-type content that will be peppered in throughout the performance. I want this to feel like a unique experience from my usual DJ sets. That being said, you can still expect to see the pinnacle of my DJ abilities on display: 4 CDJs runnin’ hot!

Who are you bringing with you?
I’ve got some amazing talent coming along on this one: Al Ross, Eliminate and Phiso. All of these guys have proven their worth in this scene and I’ve been supporting them in my sets for a while now. I wanted to bring people out that I personally respect on a professional level and these guys are absolute fire! I don’t even need to tell you guys, if you’re a part of the bass music community then you already know!

It seems you had an amazing time during your tour in Asia at the end of 2018. Where were some of your favorite spots or experiences?
I love going to Asia, whether it’s for work or just to hang out. Southeast Asia specifically is my favorite part of the world to explore and chill. The vibes are unreal and the food is next level. I’ve been out there lots over the past 15 years and I always have an amazing experience. This past trip I brought my girlfriend as well, which was really fun. We spent a week off between shows in Phuket, Thailand enjoying all that the island has to offer. I can’t recommend Thailand enough to people wanting to try something a bit different than the usual North American vacation hot spots like Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. We also hung out in Hong Kong for a few days, which was a totally different but also an mazing experience. It’s one of the most futuristic places on earth; you feel like you are in Blade Runner or something! I could talk forever about travel, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I’m lucky that it pairs with DJing so well.

Do you have any releases in the pipeline for your label, Uplink Audio? Dispersion Volume 2 was sick!
Thank you. Dispersion came together very nicely and includes some certified bangers! It’s been getting great support across the scene. Next up on Uplink we have the Dark Power EP by up-and-comer Sam Lamar. I love this guy’s sound, it’s really unique and it plays out super well. I think 2019 will be a great year for him. I’m excited for people to hear the EP when it drops on January 10!

One form of social media that’s gotta go—which one?
Facebook. I don’t put as much energy into my page these days. The reach is pitiful if you don’t spend money. How can I have almost half a million fans on there, yet when I post something maybe 3,000 people will see it? It’s ridiculous. I think I’m noticing a bit of a shift away from it as the main platform that my fans are using anyways, which is good.

What are three things that you can’t live without on tour?
Nintendo Switch, noise-cancelling headphones, and an oversized hoodie.