If you’ve been a fan of bass music over the past decade, then you know that Downlink is one of the original dons of the genre for our generation. Whether he’s producing under his own stage moniker or performing with the trifecta made up of himself, Excision, and KJ Swaka (known as Destroid), or pumping out music on his very own label Uplink Audio, Downlink continues to be an untamable force that is impossible to ignore. Simply put, he’s a staple in the music community and has undoubtedly paved the way for the new generation of producers, all while keeping things exciting with his original tracks.

With his latest cut, Downlink sets the tone right from the start with an eerie yet equally enticing introduction that hints at the pure destruction still to come. Coupled with a brutal mech sound that’s all its own, “Threat” sinks its teeth into you and pulls you into the destruction zone with heavy bassline that lets up just enough to let you take a breath before polishing things off with an even heavier drop.

“Threat” serves as the title track of Downlink’s much anticipated project out later this year. In the meantime, this one is out now on Uplink Audio so make sure to grab a copy here!