Continuing to chart his own course across the wild and wooly seas of the drum and bass scene, the inimitable Dr. Apollo returns to ProgRAM with an exquisite double-sided single that reveals a deep glimpse into the continued evolution of this ever-impressive artist.

With his 2021 debut album, The Simulation, still holding up as a vanguard of the scientific prowess the producer is capable of, his latest outing channels a similar fascination with the melodic suprastructures of the harmony of the spheres alchemically grounded in our celestial realm.

While “Stronger,” featuring his frequent collaborator and sometimes muse BZRKR, cuts to the chase, it is the aptly titled “Michelangelo” that reigns supreme. Channeling the spirit of Il Divino himself, the tune swerves through a kaleidoscope of emotions that are sure to evoke what Michelango (the artist’s) contemporaries called his terribilit√†:¬†his ability to instill a sense of awe in viewers of his art.

Here the awe is entirely aural as Dr. Apollo once again transforms the blank space of the digital palette into a supreme journey across time and space.

This one’s out now via Ram Records’ sister imprint, ProgRAM so check the divine inspiration below before locking yours in here. And don’t forget to ride the wave of emotions that Dr. Apollo is sure to bring to the proceedings at Countdown NYE!!