After dropping some heavyweight stunners on Excision’s Subsidia imprint last year, the mysterious Dr. Lobster surfaced briefly on Indefinite Recordings debut compilation RESISTANCE before returning full-force to ID with a monstrous EP all her own.

Pulled straight from the darkest depths of the oceanic dreamscape that Dr. Lobster calls home, the Carked EP is a jaw-breaking dive into the aggressive side of the dancefloor with cuts like “Blast Furnace,” “Brain Melter” and the title cut living up to their names.

Still, it’s this collab with AKVMA that has us hot under the collar as “Greasy” unleashes the riddim-driven beast at the core and drops an absolute filthy burner aimed directly at the rail-riders. Even the dnb-trainspotters have something to look forward to as there’s a couple of sneaky but effective Easter eggs in there to bridge the old and the new as well as the streets to the festivals.

While we know that age ain’t nothing but a number, at 17 years old, there’s more than enough time for Dr. Lobster to continue her evolution as an artist and this EP should prove that she’s one to watch in the coming year and beyond.

Brace yourself and check the heat below before locking in your pre-order of this one here before it drops on Friday, June 11 via Indefinite Recordings.