Prepare to have your dome blown as Dr. Ozi prepares to drop the first of two EPs in his highly anticipated Hive Mind series. Centered on a Jekyll and Hyde split personality theme, the first salvo from the project arrives just in time to deliver some dancefloor shivers ahead of Halloween weekend.

While all the cuts on Part 1 of the Hive Mind EP¬†series are sure to get the blood pumping, it’s the untethered insanity at the core of “Black Pollen” that is sure to have you and the squad howling at the moon.

Easing us into things with a subtle vocal-driven intro that builds to an epic turbo-powered launch into the tune proper, the twisted flex at the core of “Black Pollen” grabs hold and pushes the boundaries of even the most well-seasoned bass head. With all the bloodcurdling vibes swirling around the edges of the project as a whole you might be expecting this one to dip into the darker realms of the unconscious but surprisingly “Black Pollen” serves as a respite from the madness by diving into a hype-drenched technicolor journey to the outer edges of Dr. Ozi’s untouchable vision.

It’s an amazing production flex as the tune twists and turns through vibe after vibe and provides an impressive balance to the more straightforward head-banging elements of the project.

Dr. Ozi’s Hive Mind EP Pt. 1 drops this Friday, October 29 via Never Say Die so lock in your pre-save here.