Drumsik Drops a Liquid Stunner on Bad Taste
Drumsik Drops a Liquid Stunner on Bad Taste

A surprising single dropping today on Bad Taste shows the imprint is not just a one-subgenre pony with liquid artist Drumsik. With “So Do I,” the promising new artist continues on his mission to bring back ravey, atmospheric liquid in a way no one else is doing at the moment.

With his last release on Bad Taste an EP called Alone just three months ago, Drumsik made a declaration of his love for all things liquid. “So Do I” goes even deeper and more ambient with complex ambient sound design at its base. The simple yet effective vocal sample is manipulated to provide an anchor to all the different sounds. A piano track which hearkens back to early rave fades in an out as well as some misty atmospherics, making this track both a nod to the old school and stylistically modern in the way it’s constructed.

Surprisingly for a liquid tune nowadays, the synth is actually a bass synth that rolls through each bar of the song like a foghorn but make no mistake: this is no foghorn drum & bass. The synth is yet another anchor for all the ambient work which swirls around it and is necessary to give the track warmth since the drum track is comprised mostly of fast, heavily syncopated snares. This is a classic combo but once again with the quality of the snares here and the way the track is put together, “So Do I” still feels thoroughly modern.

As all of his releases thus far have been on Bad Taste, it will be interesting to see how Drumsik’s style evolves from these first few. He’s obviously got a solid base in liquid with stunners like “So Do I” and the D&B world will likely be happy if he continues here but the way he puts his tracks together and the advanced technical knowhow indicate he may have some tricks up his sleeve as well.

“So Do I” is out today on Bad Taste Recordings and can be purchased on Beatport or streamed on Spotify.