Drumsound and Bassline Smith continue to stomp their way through the scene with an unrelenting series of releases designed for maximum dancefloor destruction. With their latest ‘Kilimanjaro’ EP on Technique Recordings bringing on their own unique brand of pain, the old-school dons prove they’re still proper kings of the jungle when it comes to dropping heavyweight beats.

Take this bit we’re premiering below: “Lose Your Head.” Opening with an eerie and insistent pad, you know you’re in for it when the instantly recognizable hip-hop vocal comes roaring in and Drumsound and Bassline Smith kick in the afterburners with a grungy hook. From there it’s a wild and wooly ride to the dark side of the dancefloor as the stomping beat and wall-quaking bottom end make for a monster stepper that’s sure to have people literally losing their heads on the dancefloor.

Big up to the Technique bosses for continuing to run it red for all the masses! This one drops as a Beatport exclusive today so lock yours in here!