Photo by Carlos Marras

The self-described student of King Tubby known as Moresounds comes correct with another deep and deadly synthesis of dub, hip-hop and jungle vibes for 31 Recordings. Drawing upon the half-time aesthetic that’s sweeping the dank corners of the scene, Moresounds winds out a skittering meditation on hair-raising basslines, twitchy breaks, and sizzling hi-hats that seem to defy genre classification in the very best way.

Old-school vibes meet new-school flavor on “Etho” as the haunting ravey vibe of yesteryear clashes with the tech-infused grind of an autonomic slow/fast groove that just can’t be fucked with. “Gwan Fire” takes things down into darker territory as a menacing mid-range and chest-pounding beat ride those OG bass bombs before haunting pads sweep in and ragga vocal hits keep it grounded for the street-level soldiers.

Bad-ass beats that make you want to crawl up in the bassbin and lose yourself. Out now so blast your air horn and prepare for the rewind when these tunes hit.