Coming straight from NSD’s revered Black Label, US badboy Dubloadz presents his debut EP for the imprint titled Ghost Gang. Since parting ways from his prior affiliations, Dubloadz is absolutely thriving with no shortage of gigs and appearances on top shelf labels like Monstercat and Insomniac Records.

Dubloadz, leader of the “Ghost Gang,” has lovingly dedicated the whole EP to his supportive and loyal fan base. Loaded with juicy collabs from the likes of Monxx and Yakz, Bassrush has received the green-light to premiere his naughtiest riddim bite of them all“Don’t Deal With The Devil,”his unadulterated collab with Midnight Tyrannosaurus. The squishy 3D bassline sputters into pure perfection with high class synth work and stank riddim sensibilities. Get those mitts on what Dubloadz has to offer with his latest coming out September 10. Preview the filthy as fuck collab with Midnight T below and get in line to receive the Ghost Gang EP here from NSD: Black Label.