Despite the forced dalliances of COVID in 2021, Eatbrain has been determined to celebrate its ten year anniversary as much as possible, continuing into this year. With a ramp up in Eatbrain League shows, touring, releases and merch, the pinnacle of the neuro party this year has to be the latest and greatest installment of the imprint’s Divergence series. The 26-track behemoth compilation released July 4, and contains miles or milestones.

With the fourth Divergence installment containing twice as many tracks as the last, this mega-album has stretched the original point of the series, to give voice to up-and-comers in the neuro game, to epic proportions. Along with heavy and hard tracks by Eatbrain mainstays like MNDSCP, Chris.Su, Burr Oak, Agressor Bunx and Redpill, Divergence IV also has a load of firsts. First appearance by the likes of TR Tactics, first track from a Portugese producer (“The Need” by Impex) and the first release by a female (“Particle Beam” by Skellytn, who also happens to be one of the few Americans to release on Eatbrain).

The glitchy, tempo-changing “The Need” and the super-fast sine wave masterpiece that is “Particle Beam” are both highlights of Divergence IV, so we know Eatbrain’s A&R zombies are still wandering the earth not sleeping on new neuro. This album is really just highlights on top of highlights, however, so it’s tough to choose. It’s got a little of everything neuroheads love, from the chugging Space Invader vibes and insane breakdowns of Konquest’s “Make the Grade” to the whip-smart drum progs of “The Sword” by Cyntax to the melodic and cinematic flows of Kaizen Flow’s “Blind Spot” to the underground darsktep damage of the aptly named “Underground Damage” by Scout 22, Divergence IV is a celebration of all things neuro and, thus, all things Eatbrain.

Being champions of new artists and new music sort of comes with the territory for Eatbrain, as neurofunk tends to be on the leading edge of production innovation within drum & bass in that it flirts with experimental while keeping the dancefloor hyped. Lo these ten years, however, Jade and friends have really made it their goal to keep pushing and discovering new talent so that said dancefloor never runs out of bangers. Divergence IV is not only no exception to that rule but with its massive tracklist and roster of fresh innovators, it might be the biggest proof yet that Eatbrain have more than earned the right to say, “no neuro, no party.”

Divergence IV is out now on Beatport and Spotify exclusive and can be streamed or purchased here.