Every now and then a tune comes along that has you going fffuuuuuuccckkkk yeahhhh! Echo Drone’s “Beat Drop” is one of those tunes.

From the swirling breakbeat-driven intro on through to the tooth-rattling drop, Echo Drone goes straight for the jugular with a whiplash-inducing ride into the heart of the beast. With the insistent vocal hook keeping us grounded throughout, Echo Drone wastes no time kicking up the adrenaline with well-placed switch-backs and gnarly bass. Pulling up to let the crowd breathe at just the right moments, the tune keeps it fresh and funky before the doors come flying off the hinges and Echo Drone drags us back into this wild and wooly headbanger of the highest order.

This one hits just in time for a post-pandemic summer and is out now via Echoes Collective so lock yours in here!