Never Say Die locks in a monster heater from the one and only Effin and even though it’s called “Cheese” this one is anything but cheeky fun and is just straight dance floor fire.

Easing into things with a dreamy almost hypnotic flavor, once that old-school piano drops in and the vocal hook starts riding the spiral to the drop you know it’s on. Right when you think the doors are going to blow off, Effin doubles down on the build and elevates things to an ever higher level before dropping the hammer and bringing the pain. Once the heart of the tune proper is laid bare at the drop, the chest-trembling flex at the core wastes no time in delivering some plutonium grade bounce. Staying true to form, Effin keeps things bubbling on the second pass through the bridge as the swerving lean of the second drop brings on the pain as only he can do.

It’s another slam dunk from the NSD fam and Effin proves he’s at the top of his game. If you’re feeling the heat be sure to get the “Cheese” here and catch Effin supporting Spag Heddy tonight at Academy LA (full details here) as part of his Armageddy Tour.