The ever-essential Effin steps up to center stage once again with a heavyweight four-tracker for the NSD family. Continuing to secure his position as one of the foremost faces in the dubstep scene, the youngblood continues to make waves with his unique twist on the genre and his Flashback EP only serves to consolidate his hold on things.

While all the cuts are chest-rattlers of the highest order, Bassrush is stoked to be able to be premiering one of our favorite cuts off the EP: “Spin Cycle.” Dark and ominous vibes open the portal into another dimension as Effin takes charge on the track with a series of vocal hooks that ride the crescendo of energy to the first drop. Once the percussion starts stuttering and kicking into overdrive prepare to hit the deck as the wheels are about to come off as Effin hits the switches and dives into the razor-tipped heart of tune proper.

The cut is the perfect introduction to the rest of the heat that Effin is slicing and dicing on his latest outing for the NSD family. The full Flashback EP drops tomorrow, June 5, so pre-save this beast by clicking here.