Electronic Musings with Oski
Electronic Musings with Oski

Phoning in from Sydney, Oski shares in the excitement of his release “Okami“ in collaboration with Allen Mock & Herbalistek for Quality Goods: “Herbalistek supported me at one of my shows in Japan, and afterwards they approached me with Allen Mock and each gave me a USB of their music and it was all straight fire so within the next few days we were writing music together!”

Despite the fact it’s technically winter Down Under, he’s keeping the summer vibes alive with his latest achievement, the Ignition guest mix (and dubplate extravaganza) on Annie Nightingale’s BBC Radio 1 program.

Repping the Quality Goods Records label from the start, we’ve seen Oski’s 808 career take off from humble beginnings to his most recent work for Disciple on his crushing VaporRave EP. Catch up with his current tastes and a top-rated tracks at the moment in the Q&A below.

How are you holding up on that side of the world?
The winters have been cold but it’s okay because I grew up in a much colder place than where I currently live so no biggie! I’ve been working on a heap of new music which I’m really looking forward to getting out later in the year.

What styles have you been gravitating towards lately in the studio?
Super weird and heavy. I’ve been experimenting with some really messed up sounds lately. I can’t wait for my next few tracks to release to really show what I’m talking about!

Speaking of getting into the studio, tell us any studio must-haves, whether it be a comfy chair or standard snacks?
Definitely a comfy chair. You need to be able to sit for hours and hours and it helps having a nice quality chair! Also a big desk because space is important especially when you’re working with lots of pieces of gear!

Do you have any more music in the pipeline this year?
Oh, much much more. I have a new EP dropping on Disciple this week and some other great tracks I’m wrapping up now.

What are your top 5 tracks at the moment?
Habstrakt & Bellecour “Lasagna”
Runnit + Homies “Mug Club”
Rickyxsan “Dat Way”
Hydraulix & Krischvn “Chopper”
Leotrix “Leowave”

Do you have any “guilty pleasure” tracks hidden within your personal playlists?
This is gonna sound boring but I don’t really have any guilty pleasure music. I don’t feel any guilt or embarrassment for listening to music no matter if it’s “Barbie Girl” or “Coco Jambo”—okay, it’s definitely “Coco Jambo.”

Last words for your fans?
Keep being fucking awesome! Thank you for listening to my music and supporting, I hope to see/meet you at a show soon!