Emperor “Claws”
Emperor “Claws” Photo by Jack Green

Any time Emperor steps up you know you’re in for a heavy ride, but nothing can quite prepare you for the diverse range of styles he’s kicking on his forthcoming Bloodsport EP, due on Kasra’s flagship imprint, Critical Music.

While it’s his first solo EP in nearly three years, the UK-based artist is in top form as he slices his way through liquid rollers like “Half Made Whole” just as deftly as he can twist up the synapses with left-leaning head-drillers like “Navigante” and the upfront neuro-driven title cut featuring Mantmast on vocal duties.

Still, it’s the unexpected hybrid jazz-tech number known as “Claws” that’s sure to have the crowd wonking it out on the floor. With just the right touch of retro digital flavor sprinkled on top of a filthy neurofunk groove, don’t be surprised when you find this beast digging deep into your DNA and activating dancefloor genes you didn’t even know you had.

Drops May 11 across the globe so lock in your pre-order here.