Enei Brings on the Neuro-Shivers Once Again
Enei Brings on the Neuro-Shivers Once Again

Apparently the hugely successful return to darkstep that Enei released on Critical Music in the form of “Wolfpack” this past April was just a teaser to his next two massive tracks. With “Cold Touch” and “Transition” the latest in his ongoing evolution as an artist, we are again reminded that the single is but a precursor for the larger projects the Russian producer supposedly has waiting to unleash on us in the coming year.

The digital only, dual single sees Enei returning to form with “Cold Touch,” a neurofunk track in the purest sense which also has some surprises. The intro is a strange set of triplet snares which are probably a nod to Enei’s analog past but which are also very difficult to work into the unique structure of a 4/4 time signature at 170+ BPM. Said snares sound completely organic, however, and are not rushed despite the tempo. They repeat on the break, which has a bit of a slow and chill build for a neuro track, but that’s what makes Enei unique: he makes it seem like he could be writing this highly complex sound design with one hand and partially blindfolded.

The b-side is a slightly more energetic track called “Transition” which also has triplets in the intro, but they are of a creepy synth nature. The first drop sees a fairly straightforward neuro beat with a jaw-clenching bass synth, which seems to undulate and fold over itself. The drums of the aforementioned beat also sound like they might be analog. It’s interesting to hear a full neuro beat, normally associated with digital compression, sounding so raw. The pairing with the techy bass synth definitely works, however, and adds a punchy groove to the track.

If the drums on “Cold Touch” and “Transition” are indeed analog, it’s likely that Enei employed them as a way to go back to the funkier style of neurofunk as it was in 2003-2005. Lately it seems to have been all “neuro” and less “funk,” but that may not entirely be the case on Critical going forward if Enei and Kasra have anything to say about it. It sounds like listeners should stay tuned to for more well-crafted dark and techy beats.

Out tomorrow so lock your pre-order in here.