Enei Makes Fall Picks to Leave You ‘Faded’
Enei Makes Fall Picks to Leave You ‘Faded’

Enei is one of those producers who, when a release of his is incoming, one can almost hear the collective intake of breath as fans and fellow producers alike wait to see what he’ll come up with. He is not only one of the most highly sought-after artists in DnB for his technical prowess and sound design, but for his diversity of style. The only thing you can really expect from an Enei release is that it will be completely different from the last one. Such is the case with his new EP on Critical, Faded.

With deep, scintillating vibes that are also steppy and perfect for the dancefloor, Faded really ticks all the boxes of what the DnB world craves in a fall release. With a hip hop-tinged title track featuring Charli Brix, Enei takes listeners straight to neuro-tinged darkstep with “Deal With It” and “Bag of Raw Meat.” “Grave” fits right in with the Halloween and fall season’s vibes while “Rats Place” goes super-techy. The EP is completely unexpected, both in Enei’s release lexicon and in the way he puts tracks together. It’s clear he wanted to play with techy synths, modulation and fades on this one, and that experimental element keeps things exciting not only throughout the EP but within each song.

Since Faded has such deep fall vibes and in an attempt to get into the mind of Enei when he’s creating yet another release so different from the rest, we asked him for a little playlist of tracks that inspire him both on this EP and in general. It is like Enei himself: unexpected. Take a listen and see what makes this fascinating artist tick, and of course cop the Faded EP, out now on Beatport exclusive. It’s also streamable on SoundCloud.

Data 3 “Komparen”
“This is a great dark roller with a groovy unique vocal and original strong sub bass which makes it special!”

Bungle “Cocooned
“A unique roller with long drill bassline. I love it because it brings a lot of energy to the dancefloor.”

Break “Alpha”
“This tune reminds me of old ‘90s Cause 4 Concern vibes and takes my mind back to old pirate raves.”

Kasra “Ski Mask”
“This is very original sounding deep and dark stomper by Kasra. It has a very dark and strange vibe!”

Alix Perez & Monty “Caligo”
“The tight and warm drums on this tune make it very strong on the dancefloor. It can be mixed even with a heavy neurofunk tune and it doesn’t make the set boring at all.”