Entering the House of Ghosts with Dubloadz
Entering the House of Ghosts with Dubloadz

If you’ve been a part of the bass music scene for some time now, you have become acquainted with the ghost man known as Dubloadz. Coming from humble beginnings the New Jersey native has climbed the ranks with his unmatched approach to production and plethora of artistic influence on the genre of bass music. Proving once again that he’s an unstoppable force in the ever-evolving bass music scene, Dubloadz turns in his best work to date on The House of Ghosts EP.

In between touring on an international scale, releasing his most cohesive project to date, and gearing up to cause havoc on the road during his House of Ghosts Tour, we decided to chat with the ghost with the most. Check out the interview we did with Dubloadz as he dishes on some behind the scenes info around his latest EP and his upcoming stop at Exchange LA, and more! If you haven’t got your tickets to his hometown show tomorrow night, grab ’em here!

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! How’s everything going?
Everything is great at the moment! Just came out of a long period of feeling really lost and confused, but everything is on track now. Happy to be feeling like myself again.

Looks like you’ve been traveling a lot as of late and hitting some major festivals with some sneak peeks of the House of Ghosts bits. How’s that been going?
It’s been an awesome year of shows! I’ve been teasing stuff a little at a time, but it’s all coming together now. I’m really enjoying being on the road consistently and been really inspired to keep writing. Momentum is extremely important to success in life.

Speaking of touring, we’re stoked to have you crush your LA stop of The House of Ghosts Tour tomorrow! Anything special you’ve got up your sleeve for this particular stop of the tour?
I’m going to play dressed as big bird and the set will be entirely throwback hair metal and glam rock. I didn’t want to spoil it but I just can’t help but be excited. For the grand finale, I’m going to pick a random person from the crowd and play a game of chess with them in dead silence as the crowd watches. I think it’s going be something everyone remembers for a long time. [Laughs]

But yeah all jokes aside, this LA show is a huge deal to me! Bigger than people probably know. Jersey was my home until I moved here and there isn’t really a scene out there so I never had a real hometown show. For me, this is that show. I can’t wait to see all of the friends and family I’ve met over the years. It puts more stress on me to make it my best performance ever, but it’s good stress. I want to make history!

You’re bringing the homie Dack Janiels along for this tour as well! Can you talk a little bit about how that came to be?
I’ve been wanting to tour with Dack Shmo for a few years now, but things always got in the way. Now that it’s finally happening after all this time it’s like, oh, we’re finally doing it! And we’re going to do it good. The army of the shmos is going to reign upon everyone and all will be chaos.

What’s it like to tour with one of your best friends?
Pretty much everything about it is awesome. I’m going beat him in Smash like 9,000 times, it’s going to be a hoot. We’ll prob make a bunch more collabs, too. Also, he’s going to get hit with a lot of vegetables mid set, so I hope he’s ready for that.

You also just released your killer House of Ghosts EP last week. Can you talk a little bit about the inspiration for this project?
We had to shift some stuff around in order to get the EP out in time for the tour, but it made way more sense. In a way, I felt that I was really pressed to get this EP done in time for the deadline, but the final product was worth it to me. My OCD is crazy and I notice every little thing in every song even after they’re released, but I got them polished to the point I wanted.

Since we’re on the topic of inspirations, it seems like there was a cohesive idea you had when planning the tour as well as the EP. Where did you pull inspiration from for the tour? Seems like everything down to the visuals have a very thought out approach.
Yeah, I took a lot of time on the branding and cohesion because it’s something I’d like to do bigger and better every Halloween season. What matters the most to me is an album or EP to be cohesive, and I think these three tracks really fit together well for the theme. They’re all very different, but all still sound weird and spooky. They represent the sound and style of the tour really well. It’s also some of my favorite artwork I’ve done. The whole package clicks well in my brain and that makes me happy.

What can fans look forward to with the tour and more specifically your LA headline show this Thursday?
I’m sitting here crafting my set to perfection as we speak. It’s a real journey that showcases all the styles I’ve covered over the years. I feel like the stars are aligning in my head as far as my understanding of music and the glue that binds different genres together. I look at everything from more of a songwriting perspective. I’ve got some new visuals as well. It’s also Suahn’s first run of shows so everyone should really try and get there early on. He’s an insanely talented dude and I’m honored to be able to take him in his first run of shows.

Before we wrap things up, are there any last shouts you want to give?
Shoutout you, Bianca! You got great hair, girl.