Dispatch Recordings locks in a massive four-tracker from Ephyum and Invadhertz that’s sure to have you pondering the depths of your own soul. While Ephyum and Invadhertz all hail from Italy originally, the vibes are otherworldly in the best sense of the word.

Channeling a dystopian Blade Runner-esque world, the deep and deadly tech-driven cuts on the aptly titled Eidolon EP unfold like the soundtrack to a twisted dreamscape of machines gone mad. The title of the EP takes its name from ancient Greek literature where an eidolon is a spirit-image of a living or dead person. The ghost-like atmosphere of its namesake comes to life on the title track as the phantom-beast lurking at the edges of this minimalist cut emerges in the form of a snarling bassline that grinds its way throughout.

Cuts like “Escapism” keep the haunted vibe going with just enough retro-80s sci-fi vibes to keep the hair standing on end, with bits like “Deadlock” pushing the boundaries of minimalist funk with just enough aggression built in to get the listener lost in the vibes but spooked enough to stay alert to the danger pulsating at the core. To cap the EP off, “Lantern” brings it all home with an exquisite twist on the Stranger Things creep with an alien-like squawk attempting to reach us from the other side.

This one is out now so strap on your space suit, burn your sage, and prepare to be launched to the outer reaches of the drum and bass universe. Download / Stream here.