The King of the Underground known as Eprom emerges with his highly anticipated AIKON EP on Deadbeats and it’s everything we’d hoped for and more. For many, the stunning five-track EP should come as no surprise as the Portland-based producer has quickly gained recognition from some of bass music’s largest names with his mind boggling beats designed to be experienced and not just listened to. Following his electrifying display of production prowess over the course of the past year, Eprom once again delivers a mesmerizing product that pushes the boundaries of experimental bass further than ever before.

While listeners have gotten a taste of what’s been in the works with the previously released tracks “Hope”, “Daemon Veil”, and “The Cat”, Eprom invites us to close out the journey with two new bits that round out the project with a punch. “Phoneme Gothic” opens with a glitchy, yet earthy experience though heavy synths patches met with balancing drum kicks that urge listeners to tap into an uncharted realm of experimental beats. The closing cut, “Shirow Softworks” creeps its way into your subconscious with trip-hop inspired beats that create a soundscape for a melodic journey that hits in all the right spots.

It’s the perfect preview of the kind of heady vibe that Eprom is due to drop on the Bassrush family next week as he touches down in Los Angeles with Alix Perez and their Shades project (full details and tickets can be found here). Until then, dive headfirst into AIKON which is out now on Deadbeats. Snag or stream your copy here and we’ll meet you on the other side!