Eptic x Must Die! + Gentlemens Club = Fire
Eptic x Must Die! + Gentlemens Club = Fire

Designed to kick-start their Hyper Future North American tour, Eptic and Must Die! join forces for an epic EP sure to have you climbing up the walls begging for more. Even those with a passing familiarity with Eptic and Must Die! know they’re in for a serious rinsing when these two come together, and the results definitely don’t disappoint.

Must Die! steps up first, intending to fry those synapses and bring on the dancefloor twist as only he can do. Electrifying in its intensity, the freak-nasty nature of the high-end hook writhing atop the dirty bottom end makes “Tactics” a go-to for those who want to waste no time getting right to the heart of the situation.

Not to be outdone, Eptic delivers a hammer blow of his own flavor on “Underworld.” Igniting the flame with a spiraling intro that builds the pressure, it isn’t until the sucker-punch drop tosses you into the pit that you know you’re in for a wild ride. Stomping and stepping with aggressive finesse, the retro switch at the second drop provides just enough of a respite before the wilding out begins all over again.

As if that wasn’t enough, Gentlemens Club put the flip on Eptic and Must Die!’s classic “Ectoplasm.” Keeping the dark cinematic vibes of the original intact, the UK trio go all in and smash and grab all they can before letting the razor-tipped chomp loose.

It’s a massive look from the Never Say Die crew once again as Eptic and Must Die! prepare to hit the road with Gentlemen’s Club as support. This one pops today so warn the neighbors and snatch your own copy here.