Ethan Glass’s “SlimePunk” Playlist
Ethan Glass’s “SlimePunk” Playlist

With the walls still quaking in the wake of his recently released Real Heavy EP, the left-leaning experimental bass sound that Ethan Glass has dubbed “SlimePunk” continues to spread like an untethered mutation that bassbin scientists are attempting to track.

As he closes out the Evil Things tour alongside Bleep Bloop and festival dates like Lightning in a Bottle on tap in the coming month, its more than obvious that the young producer has quickly risen through the ranks after smashing it out the gates for Saturate Records with his debut EP a few years back.

Like many of his peers, Ethan pulls from an eclectic range of influences and pushes genre boundaries to their breaking points. Nestled somewhere between trap and bass, it’s clear that whatever you call the experimental vibrations emanating from the Ethan studio, they have caught the attention of heavy-hitters like Bassnectar, Liquid Stranger, and Space Jesus, all who have dropped cuts from his recent EP at major festivals.

To celebrate his continued rise through the ranks as well as to get you hooked on that SlimePunk sound, Ethan hit us with an epic selection of SlimePunk essentials alongside his own commentary on each tune. Check the heat below and don’t forget to lock in your own copy of Ethan Glass’ Real Heavy EP, available for free download here.

Ethan Glass “MAX 400”
“‘MAX 300’ was the heaviest, hardest, most intense track on the old Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. I can remember spending hours trying to get it down on Heavy Mode. The game had a big influence on me and hanging out at the arcade as a kid was where I first got introduced to electronic music, going to punk shows, and counterculture in general so this tune is my real heavy homage to ‘MAX 300’ for my Real Heavy EP.”

Cardi B “Bodak Yellow” (PROKO Remix)
“Love this tune! I play it out all the time and it always goes off. The leads and melty bassline make this tune the definitive remix of the song for me. This is what SlimePunk is all about.”

Sayer “Vomit Dog”
“Sayer is the heaviest dude I know and this song is so heavy it will make you and your dog puke.”

NastyNasty “HUMBLE” (NastyNasty Suplex)
“Have been playing this one in all my sets as it’s a perfect SlimePunk flip. NastyNasty has been one of the best for almost 10 years and shows no signs of letting up.”

Woolymammoth ft. Bleep Bloop “Nofknway” [124]UMTME
“Halftime acid house rave banger. I’ve seen it go off every night I’ve been on the Evil Things tour.”

cousin litt “sample pack money”
“Sample pack money, bandcamp scrill. I listen to this almost every day and it doesn’t have a record deal. Gangus on the verse.”

Vorso “Cephalopod”
“VORSO IS A MAD LAD. This is a big tune he released on Saturate. I’ve been playing this one out a bunch. Fun fact: I like every tune Vorso has ever made.”

Tsuruda “Devilman”
“Tsuruda flipped one of the rappers in the Netflix anime Devilman Crybaby. No idea what they’re saying but this song goes in. Anime is dope, too.”

Eprom “Koummya”
“Eprom is the best. Nuff said.”

CRIMES! “Lords”
“Big halftime tunes from CRIMES! on Ivy Lab’s 20/20 label. There’s a dope Ivy Lab remix of this tune also worth checking.”

Milano “.Zip”
“I’ve been playing this one out all year. Tt really nails the trippy/banger vibe I love.”