Awakening @ Exchange Feat. Aly & Fila + John O’Callaghan

Friday, December 28, 2012
Los Angeles CA

Insomniac presents Awakening
Aly & Fila + John O’Callaghan

10:00pm-12:00am Darin Epsilon
12:00am-1:30am Aly & Fila
1:30am-3:00am John O’Callaghan

Shivers – hairs on the back of your neck – hands in the air – reaching for the lasers – losing your mind – rushing to the music – just some of the side effects of listening to Egyptian duo Aly & Fila in full flow on the dance floor.

Ireland is known for many things: Guinness, shamrocks, and now – John O’Callaghan. Firmly established in the A-list trance elite, John O’Callaghan is set to continue his journey further up the ladder of electronic dance superstardom. John’s high- energy trance mix coupled with a highly refined precision mixing style has seen him surge up through the DJ ranks.

618 South Spring St. Los Angeles, CA

Insomniac invites you to explore a world of synesthetic rhythm where anything is possible, uncovering the mysteries within the music and within ourselves. Rediscover a sanctuary of sonic unity and awaken your senses every Friday at the Exchange.