Photo by Jookz

True champion bass music producer and Rottun Records owner Excision releases a remix package for his heavy “X Up” track featuring The Frim and Messinian. The original is revived through some diverse renditions featuring some of bass music’s heaviest hitters.

Astronaut kicks off the offering with some signature electro-house influence that makes for a high-energy buildup without losing the dinosaur-like growl breakdown. The electro vibe and heavy bass really come together effortlessly for this tune. Next, the talented Trampa shreds on his dub-influenced dubstep rendition of the track, filled with ruthless screeching synths before a heavy bass-filled drop.

Just when you thought the remixes couldn’t get amped up any more, Hydraulix & Phase One stomp out a heavy rendition packed with some pulsating and relentless bass that will get all the pits moshing when it hits. To polish off the EP, Erotic Café switches up the vibe with their trap- and hip-hop-influenced versions that keeps the energy high throughout.

The remix compilation is a perfect mash-up of different styles, energies and subgenres that gather beneath the “bass music” category. No matter what your preference, one thing is for certain: all versions continue to pay homage to the almighty bass so get your copy here and get to headbangin’!