Photo by Isolde Woudstra

Still buzzing off the success of their recently released Robots & Romans LP on Ram, the hard-hitting Netherlands-based duo known as June Miller (aka Mark McCann & Bart van Dijk) grace us with an exclusive podcast that takes us behind-the-scenes into the creation of their high-octane, mind-melting masterpiece.

Walking us through the album track-by-track, the duo offer up detailed production tips and insights into the making of each tune, going so far as naming breaks and revealing that the 300-styled vocal intro of “Brace” wasn’t a sample from a film but actually Bart belting out the call to war in the studio.

Still, it’s not all boring producer-talk, as the boys amp up the energy by taking on a challenge from the Ram crew to down a beer for every tune they play off the LP (that’s 15 if you’re counting). The results are wildly entertaining and informative at the same time, so pop the top on your own 12-pack if you’re of age and see if you can’t keep up while you tune in below.