Fei-Fei: Pretty Girls Don
Fei-Fei: Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate

Genre-bending bad girl Fei-Fei is slated to debut her first album, Pretty Girls Don’t Hallucinate, on November 4.

Fei-Fei, a self-proclaimed studio nerd, says the composed collection of tracks all reflect a little piece of each genre she has defined, from her early days on Armada to recent dancefloor bangers on Datsik’s Firepower.

“I was never going to release any of this,” she admits. “I was going through a lot of weird personal stuff at the time I started all this. At the same time, I was struggling to find my voice as an artist. I took a break from everything and just began to make music for myself—weird and experimental stuff, stuff that no one was ever going to hear. It felt really good to be inspired again. I took up a few other instruments [and] I’ve and even began taking vocal lessons just for fun. It was extremely therapeutic.”

“Little White Lies,” the first single off her album, intricately ties up synths and ultra deep bass, creating a perfect atmosphere. Her ability to fuse trap, future bass, and surgical edits are showcased through out the album.

Fei-Fei’s Pretty Girls Don’t Hallucinate tour is currently in full swing with dates extending to December. Catch the album pre-party at The Lash in L.A. on October 25.

Pretty Girls Don’t Hallucinate Tour:

10/25  Feided @ The Lash L.A.

11/01  Riverside Complex – Chicago, IL

11/07  The Next Door – Honolulu, HI

11/08  Amethyst Club – Kona, HI

11/21  Feided @ The Lash L.A.

11/26  Cardinal Bar – Madison, WI

11/29  Studio 200 – Milwaukee, WI

12/05  Grasshopper Underground – Detroit, MI

+ more TBA

Pre-order Pretty Girls Don’t Hallucinate here.