Figure Drops an Unholy Monsters 8 Remix Album
Figure Drops an Unholy Monsters 8 Remix Album

Spanning the entire spectrum of the bass scene and dipping into some serious horror-flick vibes, Figure’s annual Monsters compilations have not only become a twisted Halloween tradition but one of the most highly-anticipated projects of the year. The EP always arrives just in time to get your dark skank on and this year Figure takes the project to the next level with a full-on remix album featuring all the homies getting in on the fun.

It’s 14 tracks of rib-rattling illness with squad like Luzcid, Bare, Yakz, Boogie T, HEHVY, and so many more going beast-mode on the beats. With Figure dropping some heat on the Bassrush fam tonight in Huntington Beach (details here) and the Belasco in Los Angeles next Saturday (details here), this drops just in time to get your pre-party headbang on.

To get things popping proper, the crew hit us with an exclusive head-fuck remix of “The Ring” from Sluggo that we’re dropping below alongside an in-depth glimpse into the madness that is Figure with a full-on Q&A below.

Check it and be sure to snag your copy of the full Monsters 8: The Remixes here.

2017 is coming to a close and it’s been an epic year for you! Before the madness of December begins, hit us with the highlights of 2017 and where you see yourself headed in 2018.
Yeah, good Lord was it a fun year! So many good times around the world playing, it’s hard to pin even a couple down! This tour with Midnight T has been so killer, the shows have been insanity and then some! I released a couple singles that were a bit different and even an entire hip-hop album, and of course, it wouldn’t be this time of year if my yearly Monsters album didn’t recently drop! Next year I have a lot of plans that are already moving or set in stone. More tours out of the country, and so much more music on the way—pretty excited at all of the demos and ideas we’re working on for 2018 right now.

Looking back, did any tunes or artists stand out for you as some of the best of the year?
Midnight T really came up hard this year. I’ve been rooting for him for a while now. I really enjoyed Dubloadz full new album, and that Zeds Dead album was pure all-around heat. Code:Pandorum is on the top of my list this year, he dropped an album with like 28 songs. [Laughs] That kid is crazy!

What about looking ahead to 2018? Who or what should we be looking out for from the up-and-coming crew?
I think a lot more experimentation is going to happen this year within the heavy bass scene. Things are getting good and weird when it comes to sounds, and it’s only going to get stranger (in the best way). A major crossover with bands and producers is in order. There has been so much metal-influenced dubstep out this year, you can tell it is on the edge of turning into a whole new thing. I have lots friends that will say it already is!

It’s been a minute but you were once on your way up and from the outside looking in, it looks like you’ve definitely arrived. What sort of advice do you have for the young bloods out there on the grind hoping to elevate to your status?
You said the key word right there: GRIND. With so many new producers out here, not only do people REALLY need to focus on having their own sound, but they have to become a machine and make sure something is always happening and popping up with their name on it.

Speaking of elevating—this remix EP you’re about to drop is the sickness! Break down how it all came together, who’s on it, and how it holds up against your original vision.
It’s funny, this remix album is longer than my actual album! I got a lot of longtime homies like Bare, Sluggo, Dubscribe, and Yakz. This time I thought it would be fresh to not just get typical banger remixes, so I reached out to Boogie T and Luzcid to get some new vibes on it and it wraps the entire thing up perfectly!

We’re amped to be premiering the Sluggo remix. For those who might not know, introduce us to your boy Sluggo and set up this remix he turned in for us.
Sluggo has been around for a damn long, long time. I’ve always been a fan of how raw he is with production and as a person. We can keep up with each other drinking whiskey, which we’ve been told is a heavy task to take on. Sluggo comes from metal and even works with Korn, you can hear some of that in the guitars in the remix. I personally play the second drop every show…dude killed it.

That’s it, fam! Were amped to see you crushing here in OC and Los Angeles. Any final shouts you want to give to the heads making their way out to catch you live in the mix?
Those shows are going to be ragers; so many hommies are coming out and I’m sure that means a very long-lined back to back set! I’m already testing stuff from my next release for next year, so listen close to the set! Remember to find that merch booth, I’ll probably be kreeping around it.