Figure’s House of Horrors Playlist
Figure’s House of Horrors Playlist

Since the inception of Figure’s Monsters series back in 2011, the dubstep DJ and producer has come to be recognized for his unique sound of blood-curdling bass inspired from a love of all things horror that dates back to childhood. Now, Figure has become a household name through the special annual series that comes to life during spooky season and earned him a cult following. Aside from his Monsters series, Figure has come to climb the ranks of bass music earning him notable releases on some of the genres most influential imprints like NSD: Black Label, OWSLA, and even launching his own label, DOOM MUSIC.

Ahead of his forthcoming installation of the Monsters series, Figure offers up an exclusive playlist for us that showcases some of the music that has inspired the series. Check out Figure’s House of Horrors playlist below and grab your copy of Monsters 9: The Asylum LP out now on his very own DOOM MUSIC.

Figure ft. Dack Janiels “Dr. Death”
“Dr. Death is the name of my lead single and main character from my new album, The Asylumso I had to give that twisted fuck some lovin’.”

Harley Poe “The Hearse Song”
“‘The Hearse Song’ is by a band called Harley Poe, and they are actually from Indiana. The song is based off a poem from the Scary Stories to tell in the Dark series that we all grew up with. Their band is all horror based, so it’s like if I had a dark punk folk band.”

Mastadon “Machete”
“Mastadon’s ‘Machete’ track is such, such, such a banger. I have like five different double drops I switch in and out of with it during my sets. Plus, the Machete movies are amazing and Danny Trejo is the homie!”

Figure “Friday the 13th” (Dmise Remix)
“Dmise’s remix of my ‘Friday the 13th’ track gave a massive breath of fresh air to what I consider one of my most classic Monster tracks, all while keeping the vibe of the original.”

And Last but not least, it’s a tie between The Misfits and Slayer tracks. I grew up on both bands and credit them for influencing my music and general mind set more than anything in the modern music era.