Firepower Honors the Late Producer with ‘Long Live Barron’ EP
Firepower Honors the Late Producer with ‘Long Live Barron’ EP

Three and a half years ago our community lost one of its most influential producers of its time, Barron. While Barron’s legacy continues to live on through his music and the numerous producers he has influenced along the way, Firepower Records unveils its Long Live Barron EP on what would be his 25th birthday. With a portion of proceeds donated to the Jordan Matthew Roche Memorial Fund, theproject re-releases some of his biggest tracks while commemorating the life of the young producer.

For those who don’t know, Jordan Roche (aka Barron), was a 21-year-old Maryland-based DJ and producer who worked tirelessly to perfect his craft in producing bass music and quickly earned recognition from some of the most influential producers and imprints in the industry. By the time he was in high school, Jordan had earned a well-deserved spot on the Firepower Records roster in its starting years and went on to release several EPs and singles on the label, as well as participating in several tours with fellow label mates all over the US. During this time, Jordan developed a loyal following of colleagues and fans alike who continue to enjoy his music to this day.

In addition to his artistic contributions during his lifetime, Jordan also dedicated his life to those struggling with addiction and served as a positive influence in their journey to and through sobriety. Despite having his own arduous time with sobriety over the years Jordan still dedicated his time to support others in their own recovery. Sadly, Jordan lost his battle with addiction in 2015.

“Since Jordan’s passing we have heard stories from many individuals about how Jordan supported them in their recovery, reached out and talked them through potential relapse, checked on them when they did relapse, and two people that said Jordan talked them out of suicide,” shares his mother. “It is because of the outpouring of love for our son that we knew we needed to help others fighting addiction, and we knew we needed to do this in Jordan’s honor.”

To coincide with the Firepower release, Jordan’s family has started The Jordan Matthew Roche Memorial Fund to continue to help others fighting addiction. With all proceeds donated directly to fund aftercare and sober living programs, the desire is to help establish a path to recovery for those who may not have the means to access proper treatment.

“This opioid epidemic is not going to get better overnight,” Jordan’s mother continues, “but we can help spread awareness and come together as a community and fight for the lives of those still battling and continue to honor the memory of those loved ones that we have lost.” With Firepower Records stepping up to help keep Jordan’s memory alive while also shedding light on the ongoing struggles of those affected by the opioid epidemic, there’s no denying this release is an extra-special one worth supporting.

Be sure to grab your copy of Long Live Barron EP here.