'Flipside': Life Outside The Booth

Flipside is an awe-inspiring project and exhibition from photographer Jessica van der Weert, who spent the past two years crafting unique portraits of 28 of the biggest and most influential dance music artists in the world. Rather than the traditional artist-behind-the-decks or in-the-studio poses, Jessica sought to reveal a more personal and intimate side of each artist—one that revealed or echoed their interests, hobbies and personalities outside their usual milieu.

The resulting settings are almost as interesting as the faces themselves: Carl Cox burning rubber in his Lotus-tuned Ford Cortina, Andy C preparing to load up the groceries in his Ferrari F40, Goldie covered in paint in his studio, Boy George in full combat gear, seemingly preparing for war. Aside from the famous faces they portray, each photograph buzzes with electricity and energy that are hard to resist—and that are not to be missed, as the exhibition prepares to make its way across the Atlantic in the coming months.

If you’re in Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles or Ibiza, stay tuned: the exhibition is headed your way soon.

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This article originally appeared on Insomniac.com.