FĂ©lix-Antoine Raymond, better known as Flix, steps up to flex on Saturate! with a dank dive into the deeper side of the dancefloor that we can’t wait to feel full force on a proper soundsystem.

A masterclass in slow-churning paranoid hypnotism, the Canadian riddim producer goes all in on “Mag 1001” with a low-slung groove and left field-leaning bleeps and bloops that stutter-step their way across a subsonic bassline.

While the phrase “pushing the boundaries” has lost its edge these days, there’s no other way to describe the haunted soundscape that blurs the line between the world of the living and the dead. Like a psychedelic trip that stretches time to its breaking point, prepare for the world to shift and blur on its axis as this one creeps and crawls its way across your synapses.

This one is out now on the ever-essential Saturate! imprint so lock yours in here.