The Czech Republic-based Forbidden Society returns to center stage with a heavyweight eight-track Deadbox EP designed to flex on the deeper side of the dancefloor. Best known for pushing the envelope on the aggressive end of the drum and bass genre, Forbidden Society dives into the deep end with his latest project all while still retaining the dark and forbidding vibes at the core.

From the anabolic growl of the title track to the aptly titled “FCK Publicity,” it’s obvious that the project is the result of the evolving vision of the producer while also paying an homage to his roots in the scene. One of our favorite cuts off the EP is the tech-driven “RattleSphere” that we’re premiering above. It’s the perfect introduction to the project proper as the haunting atmospheres bring on the goosebumps before the crisp and heavy beat sets the pace for the journey ahead. Subtle evolutions in the layers begin to come alive as the tune progresses, conjuring up visions of a haunted sci-fi dreamscape where ancient forms of darkness lurk around each corner.

It’s a heavyweight nod to the power that Forbidden Society is bringing to the full eight-track DeadboxEP so dive in and prepare for the full impact of the project to drop on June 12 via Forbidden Society Recordings.