The genre-hopping bad man known as Forbidden Society follows up on his chest-rattling dubstep release, the Subworld EP, with a dark drum & bass flex aimed directly at the dancefloor.

Centered on a filthy bubbling groove, Forbidden Society taps the untouchable lyrical flow of T-Man who adds just the right touch of dank vibes to the proceedings to make this one really pop. The deep and brooding bassline worms its way into the marrow of your bones while the crisp and razor-sharp crack of the snare is sure to get that head nodding and feet shuffling.

Having worked with MC Coppa and Killa P on recent projects, it’s obvious that Forbidden Society knows how to craft a murky groove that’s perfect for letting the MC glide into the groove of the track. T-Man lives up to his end of the deal on “Don’t Push Me,” and elevates the tune into a proper bruiser that we’re amped to be premiering below.

Check the heat below and lock yours here as this one is out now!