Foreign Concept Brings on the Shivers Once Again
Foreign Concept Brings on the Shivers Once Again Photo by Sarah Ginn

Critical Music stalwart Foreign Concept returns from a short hiatus with four tracks of sheer power on his Skit City EP. Taking its name from the long-time friend Jack Ramsay’s graphic novel of the same name, the EP creates a complementary soundtrack that translates the intricate aesthetic of the book into a kind of mental dreamscape that’s already led to a wicked video collab you can soak in here.

The title track with MC Fox creates a perfect entryway into the head-space as the stepping beat and swirling vocals make for an urban-and-soul-tinged groove that is captivating and an instant favorite. “Escape Orbit” takes things a bit deeper as the insistent rhythm at the core keeps things on lock beneath the ever-evolving hypnotism of the atmospheric hook and vocal.

LSB steps in with a haunting remix of Foreign Concept’s still classic 2014 hit, “When You’re Alone” before Foreign Concept and Halogenix team up for the most anticipated bit off the EP: “Waiheke Wine Club.” Taking the very best elements of both production outfits, the results of this pairing are something that fans are no doubt going to be demanding more of as this shivering, addictive cut is already on heavy rotation for those who know. For fans accustomed to being pounded over the head with energy, this one may take them by surprise for its subtle and seemingly effortless ability to suck you into the vortex and have you lost in the sweet sensation thrumming at the core.

Released tomorrow, April 7, on Critical Music so lock in your pre-order here.