Emerging from the outer realms of the bass music universe, the Hamburg-based Sound Museum imprint offers up another sinister “exhibition” in the form of a razor-sharp EP from Los Angeles’ own Forin.

Diving deep into the experimental halftime side of the bass music genre, the primeval emotions that Forin brings to life on the EP are sure to expand his influence far beyond the Los Angeles electronic music community.

Where “Circe” takes a wormlike approach to the dome before hammering out a synapse-shivering groove, “Envy” raises the stakes with a haunting dive into the shadowy corners of the mind. The next level hypnotism at the core is eclipsed by the addictively funky groove that keeps the tune running at a slow burn throughout.

Both tunes feel deceptively heady and yet before you know it your body is twisting and gyrating to the intricately crafted grooves that Forin blesses the listener with. With hints of techno, dnb, dub, and bass music all folded into the sound design and structure of each tune, there’s no doubt that Forin is as much a product of the L.A. club scene as he is of the infamous renegade desert parties that reign supreme in this part of the world.

While Hamburg may feel a world away, it’s obvious that Sound Museum is the perfect gateway for those seeking to dive deeper into the dark wizardry that Forin is capable of conjuring up in the lab. The universal vibes that vibrate at the core echo the output of companion imprint, Saturate Records, and yet impressively put a unique twist on the proceedings that have to be felt as much as they are heard.

This one’s out today worldwide so check the heat below and lock yours in here.