Fourward’s 2018 Wolfe EP was almost seminal for them as it really cemented their sound for a lot of fans and stepped up the group’s ability to really tear up the dancefloor. Their new EP Sweetface also has that heavy, glitchy neuro roller vibe that fans have come to know and love but with some surprising and interesting experiments along the way.

“Saboteur”, the opening track of Sweetface, is a fun, steppy, almost lighthearted jaunt of a track with an intelligent bass synth comprising the melody and lots of spooky ambient sound work in the background. It’s more like a modern-day techstep track than what most people might classify as neuro. “Ability” feat. Coppa is more standard neuro but the synths are pitched up to a sort of ravey place, making it a bit more high-energy and melodic. The title track has an interesting sort of plodding synth that is somehow the musical match to the EP’s cover art; it could easily be played over an old school mobster movie.

“Wölfe VIP” is not only today’s Bassrush premiere but closes out Sweetface and seems much faster and more aggressive than the original, if such a thing is possible. The biggest contributor to the perceived speed is the newly installed snares, which roll quickly in between each beat and literally never stop. The synths are also a major factor to the blistering speed with which the VIP moves compared to the original.

In the original “Wölfe,” the synths moved along with the beat, which was split and slightly more syncopated. There were also mini-breaks at the edge of each phrase, where in the VIP there are none. The VIP’s synths chug along almost as if they’re in a race with the synths. The melody at the phrase transitions is flipped around and the crazy-fast snares don’t stop or change at those points. Even the bigger breaks are filled with snares and overbeats, so “Wölfe VIP” just never stops or gives a reprieve. But why would one want it to, really?

Sweetface is another high-energy offering from Fourward that pulls no punches and makes no apologies for its ultra-fast, ultra-neuro sound. That said, like any good Fourward EP, there’s lots of surprises and fun tweaks in every track that keeps the chin-scratchers engaged even while they’re bouncing all over the dancefloor. Make sure to drink plenty of water before the “Wölfe VIP” comes on, however, because there will be no breaks in the action.

Sweetface is out on Eatbrain Beatport and Spotify exclusive today, January 13. Click here to stream, save or purchase.