The Las Vegas born and Los Angeles-based Frank Royal steps up with a massive three-track EP for the inimitable Play Me Records and the results are nothing short of stunning.

United beneath the apt framework of ‘Floating’ all three tracks emerge out of a deep existential vibe that Frank has been working out in the studio while still keeping things hot and heavy for the dancefloor.

From his own background as a percussionist and all-around spiritual wanderings with bass music as his foundation, the compositions build upon Frank’s reputation for stellar drum programming, ethereal atmospheres, and precise sound design aimed at tickling the synapses before driving it all home with a heavyweight punch.

But don’t just take our word for it. We were lucky enough to commune with the mind behind the music and get some deeper insights into the philosophical backbone of the project as well as a glimpse into the future of all things Frank Royal.

Check the beats below, the Q&A below that, and be sure to lock your copy of Frank Royal’s ‘Floating’ EP here as this one has hit the streets today.

This is your first Play Me release since “Whiplash” dropped in 2018. What have you been up to?

Connecting with my roots! I launched my own label & media company, Drone Parade, as well as my company Galactique Media where I do mixing and mastering for others. Recently, I’ve been diving into the world of movie trailer sound design and composition. I upgraded my studio, and just enjoyed living in LA. Beyond giving everything to music so often, self-care is key so I’m always hiking, and cooking as well. I’m super amped that shows are back on track after the last few years, and excited to see everything picking up again. Looking forward to returning to play some festivals, especially Burning Man. More bass in more faces!

We noticed that you went full on Drum & Bass for this project with all three tracks, tell us more about the inspiration for “Floating”.

Well I’ve come full circle I suppose, Drum & Bass is what got me into music production. Creating these heavy, dramatic sonic moments to be conveyed on big sound systems is the best feeling. The Floating ep is really about having hope for the future, while embracing the chaos and uncertainty of the present moment. Play Me Records was the perfect fit, because of all the support they’ve given to me over the years, and how strongly supportive they are for D&B in Los Angeles and beyond. The title ‘Floating’ was inspired by a Carl Sagan quote “on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam” referring to Earth. We’re all just floating in space together.

To me, Drum & Bass captures that energy perfectly. Drum & Bass, Speed Garage, Dubstep & UK dance music were very influential in my early days of getting into electronic music. The approach and nuance of D&B was always the backbone of my compositions, and it’s always felt like home. Being inspired in the studio to make faster tempos again, these tunes conveyed the frenetic energy built up over the last few years.

Will we be seeing more Drum & Bass in the future from Frank Royal?

So long as the sun is in the sky, yes, you better believe it!

What’s next?

Getting ready for Burning Man 2022, more bass music, composing & sound designing a few movie trailers, and exploring new artistic spaces within Web 3. Look out for more releases on Play Me, my label Drone Parade, and dropping some heavy live sets this summer!