Franky Nuts Stuns with “Supreme Funk”
Franky Nuts Stuns with “Supreme Funk”

Hailing from Europe, the Dutch producer known as Franky Nuts has made his name known on a global scale with speaker-bumping beats that remain unmatched. With a plethora of tunes that offer a wide range of vibes from spine tingling dancefloor shakers to those you can play out at home, Franky Nuts brings the best of both worlds to the table. With this diverse range of artistic abilities at his fingertips, it’s no wonder that the young producer has created a lane all his own while gaining the recognition of producers and head honchos through the scene.

Most recently, Franky Nuts has earned his spot on Jauz’s Bite This! for his latest release, “Supreme Funk.” To celebrate the release, we sat down and chatted with the man behind the madness for an in depth look at all things production as well as the inspiration behind “Supreme Funk.” If you’re keen to hear more about how he met Jauz, his introduction to production, and more, check out the interview below.

First off, thanks so much for chatting with us! How’s life been treating you lately?
Really good, thank you! Shows are exciting and I have a lot of music coming up! Just a lot of fun!

We’re excited for your upcoming project, “Supreme Funk,” to come out this week. What was the inspiration behind this particular project?
I wanted to go back to the early days of Skrillex. For instance, his remix for “Isquare” and that mixed with some Daft Punk type of elements. I’m really happy with the result and I’m super excited for the release!

Can you talk a little bit about the writing process for this single?
I started off gathering some old-school funk samples and [also] tried to recreate some: slap bass guitars, guitar riffs, funky chords, etcetera. Then, when you pitch them all into the same root note, you get some really interesting vibes going, and that inspired me for the rest of the drop and the intro.

How did you relationship with Bite This! come to be?
It’s a funny story, actually! Jauz texted me out of the blue that he loved my music and would like to meet. He was in Belgium for Tomorrowland, so he googled me so he saw I was from Holland and asked me to come by. I obviously said yes, but he never replied.

A few days later he played in Germany at Palookaville. So my manager and I got a train ticket, hotel, and a festival ticket without even knowing that we were able to meet him there. We snuck into the backstage, and that’s where I met him for the first time. He was really surprised I made it there! We had a talk and later on, and he asked me to get on stage with him to play my song on one of the big main stages. After that, he asked me to make a song for his label, so here we are!

What are you most excited for in regards to this particular release?
I’m normally settled with Circus Records, so I’m just excited to see some new faces interacting with my music. I think it’s always good to put your music out on different platforms to show music to people that normally wouldn’t be able to find your music. I’m also a big fan of Jauz so it’s a really big deal for me!

How did you initially get into production? We’ve seen you come so far since you first hit the scene.
I always wanted to do something with music. [I] started off with bands, then organized some bass music events with my friend Azzeration. The events went really well, so we decided to go and learn how to DJ so we could play on our own events. Eventually we got booked more often on other parties instead of our own, so I started to focus more on making music and doing shows. I’m still running some parties in The Netherlands because I love to do it, but the main focus is music now!

Do you have anything in the works you’re excited to share?
Yes! I’m really trying to get my own signature sound, the melodic sound, but still driven and with a lot of energy. I have loads of original tracks coming up, some big remixes and collaborations. I’m also working on a project with somebody to do some more music together and actually getting some b2b bookings in the future, but I won’t spoil the name! [Laughs]

Any last shout-outs before we wrap up?
I want to thank Jauz for giving me a chance! He’s a really nice and humble guy who’s supporting so many good artists. It took me some effort to get there but I’m super happy to be part of Bite This! now. Also a big shout-out to Circus Records, my manager who’s doing a lot for me, and my agent! We became a really close team who are willing to go through fire for each other so that makes me really confident and it makes me enjoy the most out of it! And of course a BIG thanks to Bassrush and YOU for the support!